JAL Tour

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JAL tour this week! Special thanks to Luke for the super sweet hookups!

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They had the 'tokubetsu' government plane there that we could take pics of but we couldn't upload them onto social media! It's torture. I want to show you guys so much.

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787 4LYF.

"ANA were the first to own a 787" "De-icing is the cleaning process after a plane has been in the snow" "See that mark in the middle of the engine? That spins around and freaks birds out". Luke knows evvvvvvveryyyyythingggggg about planes. It's super awesome!

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De-icing uniforms closet.

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After the tour Luke and I drank Sapporo and watched flights come and go from the observation deck.

We both love airports. And are both guilty of going there to draw even when we don't have a scheduled flight.

Such a great day. ありがとうルーク!

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