Golden Week, 2015

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This was seriously The. Best. GW!

Spent with so many amazing friends. Seeing exhibitions. Eating great food. Drinks on sunny rooftops. Great music. Spring breezes.

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Pizza delivery at HSHQ.

"Can I take a photo of you two?"

"I'm not loving the toilet door as the backdrop...WAIT! I'll get your backdrop from my new book!"


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Cutest. Friend. Ever.

This cafe will be in my new Tokyo Guide for surz! So, so great!

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This visit it was Peru. Next, S P A I N ! Woooooooo!

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GW Rooftop beers and bubbles at my favourite Tokyo rooftop with the best people. I meet Nina at one of my workshops and we hung out heaps before she had to fly back to NZ. Ninaaaaaaaaa, please just move here already! Love you.

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K a n p a i i i i i i i i i ! (Shamefully no manicure!)

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Louis Vuitton gallery.

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Cuteness and fun times at Rocket Gallery.

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Undercover A.P.C. shirt.

"Beastie, do you know A. P. C?" (Where's the laugh crying emoticon?! Hah)

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Beastie showing us this.

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Sampling fruit sounds at the EATBEAT closing party. The music is made from sampling things like blenders, chopping vegetables, etc. Listen to the Eatbeat ones over here or watch a little movie here.

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Thanks to Lullatone's Shawn for the Yahoo Auction link, and Mr Y for his awesome bidding action, this SK-1 is now in HSHQ, y'all!

Lullatone have just released their 'Sounds of Spring' EP. Shawn emailed me to say that he snuck in 'Sandwich' into one of the song titles for me as a little secret handshake! Whaaaaaaaaat?! I DIE!

Ohhhh I still have to show you the photos from the visit to Shawn's studio when I was in Nagoya recently. We all had a BBQ at his family home, too. Seriously, pinch me!

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Pink poles at train stations. Love you, Japan!

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Lunch time gallery visits.

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Olivies, cheese and sparkling with my beastie.

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Dirty iPhone lens in Shinjuku.

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THIS lady! She bought her own book for me, signed it before the bookshop staff wrapped it, and then gave it to me at lunch. The sweetest! Also, whyyyyyyy don't publishers ever give enough copies to authors.

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Lunch in Shibuya. There are not many places who can make Oyakodon look this pretty. Another one for the Tokyo guide.

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View from lunch.

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Presents from HAY!

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Best people. So lucky to have these guys in my life.

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Mami-chan in pink and black tights with sparkle shoes AND Sumire-chan's Kyoto book bag! I die!

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My amazing assistant brings iced-coffee and macaroons over for crafternoons! STOP IT!

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Hello Sandwich hand painted ice cream letter sets. Available online over here.

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Sophie et Chocolat's pop-up studio ice cream shop was the cutest.

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Fruit cocktails at this super fun outdoor cafe! Boco-channnnnn! YOU ARE THE BEST!

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These guys!

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The winner of the best GW message goessssss toooooooo.....Luke!

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Absolute legends! So happy to have met you guys! Amelia - see ya on Tuesday! And Ashley and Esther, you guys H A V E to move to Tokyo ASAP, please!

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I woke up hangover (and with an empty fridge) one day over Golden Week to a phone call from Babachan inviting me across the road to her rooftop for an impromptu BBQ. Doesn't get much better.

I peeked out the curtains from my bed and saw her daughter setting up on the rooftop! Cuteness!

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Kitazawa neighbourhood BBQ crew.

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Love Babachan's pot-plant-meets-masking-tape BBQ style.

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Most delicious sashimi-grade Ebi ever!

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Thank you so much everyone for such a special GW! I super feel recharged and revived!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich