Sandwich in Lithuania and Amsterdam!

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Did you know that I'm 1/2 Lithuanian and 1/2 Australian? It's true! And...because of that....Now Japan is flying me over to Lithuania this month to give a presentation about my Lithuanian background and life in Tokyo! I'm soooo excited! I haven't been back to Lithuania since I was 18 years old. 

And - Then I'm sneaking off to Amsterdam to speak at Citinerary event at the Hoxton. I'd love to host a workshop too in Amsterdam too if I can make it happen somehow. Any ideas welcome! 

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And ZOMG! 

Look at this super cute hotel I'm staying at briefly in Amsterdam! 

I'm staying in this adorable pink and blue "printed house" room where everything is 2D printed! 

Hotel not hotel describe the room as:

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could simply print everything you want? Of course there’s a massive trend in 3D printing, where revolutionary developments are bringing us closer and closer to this scenario. Sometimes though, progress lies not in technological development, but rather in approaching things from a completely different angle. Why print in three dimensions when you can also reduce reality to two? This whole room is a conceptual translation of that fine line between reality, and the aspects of modern, often digital life. The TV, the chair, even the façade: everything is scanned, printed and presented to you in 2D.

Naturally, things as the bed, fresh sheets and towels, the safe, and your breakfast will be provided in a more practical 3D format.

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The hotel has so many cute and fun rooms to select from!

They also have rooms hidden behind bookshelves, too! And it's just around the corner from my airBnb which I can't wait to show you too!

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But how could one resist a mini pink and blue house?!

See you soon Vilnius and Amsterdam! Bring on the Krupnikas!

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(All pictures in this post courtesy of Hotel not hotel)

P.S. Guys! Check this out!