Ohanami - How to Picnic!


Hello Sandwiches!

Ohanami party season is just a few days away here in Tokyo.

Here are some fun tips from my book 'Hello Tokyo' to help you prepare for the loveliest of picnics.

Pack your picnic essentials in a retro picnic basket.

For this picnic I designed a custom label for some cava and used tape glue to attach it on top of the regular label.

If I can, I like to secure a location in a park close to a tree so I can attach some pretty bunting. Unfortunately many parks in Tokyo don't love you attaching things to trees, so be sure to check this first. I'm sure it would be fine in Australia, though! Once I got around this by attaching some bunting from my bike to the basket.

Pack an assortment of coloured picnic rugs and 'leisure sheets', as they like to call them here in Japan.  My beastie David, (pictured above) always brings me back a plastic floral table cloth each time he travels to South Africa. These ALWAYS come along on hanami picnics. Love you, beastie.

Bring along some sturdy trays or baskets to sit food and drinks on at your cute picnic. Bonus points for a little table!

Food artist Bisaiji-san made all of this incredible food seen above!

I love the line up of shoes along leisure sheets at hanami parties.

How can you not die for him?

Pack some fun games for picnic guests to enjoy.

Onigiri are a fantastic ohanami and picnic snack. They're pretty, delicious, healthy and easy to snack on.

Add some embellishments to your straws so guests will know which drink is theirs.


If you have some park-friendly musical instruments or a portable record player, be sure to bring them along!

You can check out some of my favourite ohanami parties from previous years over here and here.

Happy weekend, Sandwiches!

Photography in this post is by the amazing BOCO-chan for 'Hello Tokyo'.

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