Ohanami 2016


It's that time again! Sakura spam time!

It's so, so fleeting, and whyyyyyy do a million jobs always come in during Sakura season each year without fail.

Here are a few shots when I managed to sneak out to enjoy some blossoms.

It's become a yearly tradition for me to put some sakura blossoms in my odango, but this year I had to get creative with my scarf. I'm kinda digging it, though! Wouldn't it be cute to wear fresh flowers in your hair everyday? I once did a corsage making class and decided that I would wear fresh corsages as much as possible. Hmmm...that plan wasn't so successful.

The lovely peeps at The Little Drom Store gave me this tray on my last trip in Singapore. Look at the little blossom petals that have fallen on the tray! I like to bring these trays along to hanami so that people can rest their drinks on them.

The view from Hello Sandwich HQ is so pretty at the moment. And this tree isn't even in full bloom yet. I die!

I totes need a back basket for my mamachari.

Little sandwiches wrapped in furoshiki from The Souvenir Society and Zara Home.

Along the nature walk. I die!

Matt saved the day and brought along some batteries for my portable record player. He also packed his 45s collection, too.

Babachan, why you so cute!

Have you guys used this Fujifilm instax share? It's sooooooo good! So much fun! You can print Instax mini photos directly from your phone! I love taking a few shots at hanami and then giving to guests to take home as a little memory.

Baba-chan packed a photograph of Jiji-chan so he could also enjoy hanami this year. And we printed out a picture of Baba-chan and placed them together on our little table. Someone said "Look, they're on a date!". How adorable.

And it's a wrap! Look at this divine basket that my beastie gave my for my birthday. He found it in a little vintage store in Kichijoji. Only my beastie could pick out a basket perfect for Hello Sandwich.

Okay Sandwiches, I better be off now. After sitting at this iMac designing from 7am I'm now off to another hanami! I hope you're having a lovely hanami, or picnic time wherever you are.

Love Love
Hello Sandwich