Yoyogi Koen Hanami 2016


Woah! The annual Yoyogi Koen hanami was yesterday.

People drank gold foil sake. My beastie brought me 'in line wine' delivery when I was in the never ending queue for the toilet. We snort laughed. We mixed ume wine with dark beer. And we saw box wine hanging in a tree.

"Do you have some tape in your bag Ebony?"

"You brought those Sandwiches, didn't you? I can tell because the packaging is cute"

"You're the always the most colourful person, Ebony. You're the most colourful person in Tokyo"

"I drank the pickle juice and I lost it for a bit"

I'll meet you at the orange balloon, okay?

I mean, those colours!

Wine box meets scooter meets ash tray meets chips meets tree.

Still life with scooter.
Mixed media.
Yoyogi koen, Tokyo.

"I saw him take them off and I've never seen anyone ease out of Converse with such grace"

My beastie werkin dat Fujifilm.
Why you die?
Because he's so cute? Totally pragtig.

Some people bring a box for a table.

Then some people level up and bring two boxes for tables.

And then there's some people who just show off and pack a table cloth for their table.

I want to marry this dude.

I mean, look!

Ah, such a fun day!

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