A Swedish Easter tree

Polish Easter eggs

I am half Lithuanian and so it is tradition to paint eggs at Easter time.

I spent my childhood Easters at our beachside holiday house dying and then hand painting boiled eggs. I remember running around the garden collecting interesting shaped leaves to use as a relief pattern when dyeing. We would wrap the egg with the leaf and then tightly cover the egg with a stocking before dipping into the dye.

My uncle Gediminas would spend hours designing the one egg usually using a fine point black felt tip pen to draw a family portrait. My aunty Nijole on the other hand would create many wonderfully coloured abstract eggs. I was always somewhere in between - I admired the patience of my uncle Gediminas and yet yearned for the immediate results of the eggs created by my aunty Nijole.

Whichever way you paint eggs though, I promise you hours of fun and some very special family memories. I encourage you to dig out some food colouring and textas and get creative this Easter!