Rosie Flo

Rosie Flo colouring books are the brainchild of UK Graphic Designer Roz Streeten. These gorgeous books with editions such as Garden, Kitchen, Animal and Night-time are so sweet that even big kids will want to sit down with a cup of tea and a pack of textas and colour in all day. The books have a lovely mix of collage and drawing elements printed in an unexpected sepia toned ink.

Roz says about the books "The paper quality is thick enough to avoid showing through or damaging the picture on the next page. It is sturdy enough to withstand a few journeys without falling apart and small enough to fit in a child's hand luggage. The lines are intentionally not too thick, as this makes it look like it is only for preschool children. The age range is between around 4 to 12 and beyond."

Rosie Flo has also been released in Japanese thanks to publishing company Magazine House.

You can watch a video of Roz's daughters Sasha Rosie and Sophie Flo colouring in some of their mothers amazing colouring in books here.

Rosie Flo books are available in Australia through Lark Handmade and internationally here. I can't wait to see which edition will be next!

Special thanks to the lovely Roz for taking the time to send me the images and video link for this blog post!