Hello Sandwich Shop!

I have had such lovely feedback from this post that I have decided to start a little Hello Sandwich Shop for people who can't make it to the COFA Spring Fair this Saturday 19th September and who might be in need of some Pre-Loved Art + Craft Packs.

The Pre-Loved packs are one off so I hope you won't mind emailing me first to check availability before making payment through paypal. I will be updating Hello Sandwich Shop frequently as products sell out. Please stay tuned for new products when I update :)

Also, I have also started a special Hello Sandwich Blog email and I would just LOVE to hear from you! Write to me at:


And if you are in the market for a certain type of Pre-Loved Art + Craft Pack just email me with your request and I can add it to Hello Sandwich Shop for you :)

Love Love
Hello Sandwich