Hello Sandwich Festive Decoration Set

Remember the Hello Sandwich Christmas Card Making Post? Well...Christmas Card Making at Hello Sandwich headquarters is now complete and here is the finished product!

A fold out A3 card where you can cut out your own decorations (finished product above) to hang either on your Christmas tree, fireplace or they can even be used as gorgeous little tags for presents.

But...the good news is I have pre-made some Decoration Sets and packaged them up Hello Sandwich Pack style and added them to my online shop.

So if you would like your own little Hello Sandwich Decoration Set for your special Christmas, please buy them online here.

P.S.The Hello Sandwich Shop now ships worldwide so if you are snuggling under your kotatsu in Tokyo, or drinking hot chocolate in Helsinki, you are more than welcome to shop online at Hello Sandwich Shop!

P.P.S.Each set comes complete with the A3 pattern so you can make your own Hello Sandwich Decoration Set too!