Craft Book Team Ohanami (Hokkori Team)

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A little ohanami party, my second last for the season, with the editorial team from the very first book I made in Japan. Boco-chan called our team 'Hokkori Team' which I'm told means something like a group of people that are comfortable to hang out with. Let's hope it doesn't mean number three on this list.

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We went to Shinjuku Gyoen where they have some late blooming Sakura trees.

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They also have a 'No Alcohol' rule for the park which isn't so fun.

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Team Hokkori!

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Such a colourful and delicious feast.

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Get into it!

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This man set up his tripod practically on top of our leisure sheet, with his photography gear actually on the leisure sheet. Minutes later he was sitting with us, chatting away, drinking and eating with us, and comparing photos with my book photographer! Love you Japan! And love you new tomodachi photographer man!

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Sakura trees always turn into Sakura snow way too fast. Tomorrow I have pictures from one last ohanami picnic to share with you. Then, sob sob, that's it for 2014.

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