I have a huge crush on Japanese band Kiiiiiii (with seven i's)! Made up of Utako Tayama on vocals and Reiko Tada on drums, Kiiiiiii's music is fresh, fun, quirky, super kawaii and reminiscent of art school performance art.

Reiko Tada is also an illustrator! How cute are her drawings!

My favourite of their songs is 4 little Joey's but I also love Kiiiiiii for any occasion as it reminds me of hanging out with my friend Soli Sahukar of Kemono watching underground band Dododo in Osaka. Here is a little art animation video made by Soli featuring myself interacting with my handmade pop-up books.

Have a look at Kiiiiiii's Al&Bum trailer here and Kiiiiiii's myspace.

A friend of mine in Tokyo tells me that Tayama-san is having a little mini-me! Hence the long vacation! So while we are waiting for the return of Kiiiiiii let's listen to some other super cute Japanese music: Pizzicato Five and Capsule (although I prefer their older 1960's French pop style music like this and this).