Lullatone Split a Banana Split

'Splitting a Banana Split' is just one of the super cute songs on Lullatone's new 'Summer Songs - EP' album.

According to Lullatone the new EP could be a good soundtrack for:

• ice cold drinks (with foam things around them to keep them extra cool)
• anything by a pool
• just cruising on a skateboard (without too many technical tricks)
• making sun tea
• bonus juice at the bottom of your shaved ice
• itching after sitting in a patch of really really green grass
• making a funny sound while walking around in flip flops
• sweating
• eating dinner outside
• hammock naps
• spraying a friend with a garden hose
• wishing you were wearing more clothes in the freezer section of the supermarket
• pretty much anything involving a backyard - and -
• eating way too much watermelon

Don't miss it!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich

Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures




Oh My! Exciting news. The lovely team over at Lullatone are just about to release their new album. 'Sounds for Everyday Adventures' released October 20th) features beautiful pieces with names such as 'Finding a leaf in your girlfriend's hair', 'riding a bike down a big hill and taking your feet off the pedals' and 'going to buy some strawberries'. I've heard a sneak peek of this album and I must say that you won't want to miss this album.

I love to listen to Lullatone when I'm making craft.

Life is better with Lullatone.

Pre-order your copy here.


Ooo I really want a xylophone! Do you remember when my friend Mogu played me this song when I first moved to Tokyo?

Love Love
Hello Sandwich

P.S. Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments on my new Japanese craft book giveaway! It's so nice to hear from all of you. I've been busy clicking on your blog links and it's so nice to see who some of the Sandwich readers are. The giveaway is still open so please leave a comment if you'd like to have a chance to win a copy.




Hello! I am so sorry for not posting sooner! I have been very busy trying to write my MFA thesis before August! And unfortunately I think Hello Sandwich posts might be a little less frequent until my thesis has been handed in. Gomen! :( But lovely blogs like Ii-ne-kore, Sarah's loft, Handmade Love, Make it Easy and Meet me at Mikes will be inspiring you with beautiful posts until I am back in full swing. But having said that I am going to do my best to post as much as possible during the thesis writing days! xxx

Today is so lovely and rainy and cosy in Sydney. I am all rugged up with granny squares blanket and hot water bottle, eating homemade bento and listening to my new music crush Lullatone who I discovered through the lovely Aron from Make it Easy blog. Aron has the best music taste in the world! Be sure to visit his blog often for the most beautiful music features.

Anyway I am so thankful to Aron because husband and wife team Lullatone are so gorgeous. Based in Nagoya, Japan the duo made up of Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida make music, Art Direct and make all of their own film clips, have a huge advertising portfolio, appear on Japanese childrens TV and are just all-round adorable. They even make music for Sanrio's Hello Kitty! You can read all about them on this Ping Mag Interview.

And, if you are anything like me and rather fancy yourself as a electronic music maker staying up late to make 'impermanent audio style electronic experimental music on garage band or better still your boyfriends version of pro tools or reason' then Lullatones Raindrop Melody Maker is the game for you! Play online to make you own raindrop music.

I just adore this Bedroom Bossa Band clip:



Shawn on Japanese kids TV:

See some of Lullatone's commercial work here:



So cute!
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

P.S. Can you believe they came to Australia last year and I missed it! so sad!


Leslie Hall is one super cool girl. Cool. Confident. AND Crafty! Anyone who sings hip hop in gold Lycra pants teamed with a gem sweater is a friend of mine.

All you craft lovers out there have to watch this video (above) of the lovely Leslie in her craft rap complete with bedazzled jumpers shiny gold leggings and back-up dancers in matching outfits! Hilarious!

Still want to see more? Visit Leslie's Gem Sweater TV or Leslie's 'Beat Dazzler' movie here.

Seen the video's but now want to see her live? Check out her band Leslie and the Ly's homepage. And to read more about Leslie please see her mention on Crafternoon, her myspace, her Fantastic Woman mention, or her Papermag review.



One of the fun things about having a blog is the lovely dialogue between other like-minded types. My friend over at Souzou noted that my post on artist Eleanor Avery reminded her of sets from her favourite kids show in Japan. The show is called Doremi no terebi and stars the multi-talented UA who could be described as Japan's answer to Bjork. UA has also studied at art school, modeled and and is very well known in Japan for her R&B and soul music. Isn't she divine! And aren't the sets just lovely! You can watch her Okinawa style musical performances here , here and here.

Chicks on Speed

Opening today at Craft Victoria is the Viva La Craft exhibition by Chicks on Speed. Chicks on Speed have been investigating the boundaries of art, craft and music since they first formed in Munich in 1997. In 2009 they bring their interdisciplinary practice to Melbourne, presenting their first Australian solo exhibition Viva La Craft! The exhibition continues until 24th April, giving you Sydney kids enough time to book a flight to Melbourne.

And if you book your Melbourne getaway to coincide with Friday 20th March you can also catch For the love of the objekt instrument event where Chicks on Speed will collaborate with one of my favourite Melbourne artists Dylan Martorell. Stuck in Sydney? Then you could just make it over to Dylan's show at Redfern's Black & Blue Gallery which closes 14th March.

P.S. The animated room on the Chicks on Speed website is kinda fun.


I have a huge crush on Japanese band Kiiiiiii (with seven i's)! Made up of Utako Tayama on vocals and Reiko Tada on drums, Kiiiiiii's music is fresh, fun, quirky, super kawaii and reminiscent of art school performance art.

Reiko Tada is also an illustrator! How cute are her drawings!

My favourite of their songs is 4 little Joey's but I also love Kiiiiiii for any occasion as it reminds me of hanging out with my friend Soli Sahukar of Kemono watching underground band Dododo in Osaka. Here is a little art animation video made by Soli featuring myself interacting with my handmade pop-up books.

Have a look at Kiiiiiii's Al&Bum trailer here and Kiiiiiii's myspace.

A friend of mine in Tokyo tells me that Tayama-san is having a little mini-me! Hence the long vacation! So while we are waiting for the return of Kiiiiiii let's listen to some other super cute Japanese music: Pizzicato Five and Capsule (although I prefer their older 1960's French pop style music like this and this).