Paul Barbera + Where They Create

Ever wanted to spy inside the studio spaces occupied by creative types such as IJM? Well special thanks to Lucy at The Design Files for letting us in on Australian photographer Paul Barbera's new website Where They Create. In fact, one of the spaces was photographed for the magazine I work for. Do pop on over for a look. 

Paul, can you please take some spy photo's in the studio of my favourite Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugito? I have the biggest of crushes on him! 

All images special thanks to Paul Barbera.

Hello Sandwich in Inside Out Magazine

Wowzers! I can't believe it!  Hello Sandwich was in Inside Out Magazine! I feel so honoured! Thank you lovely Inside Out kids! You know who you are! Especially Foodie-Zine-Extraordinaire-Lee Tran Lam (best name ever!), Stylist-To-The-Stars-Vanessa Colyer Tay (and more here and here), and The-Amazing-Little-Post-it-Note-Queen-Gracie Lee. Clever Gracie was also featured (along side our friend Ampan man) in the contributors page below. Congratulations to the entire Inside Out team for a fantastic special Decorating and Renovations Issue!

Thank you so much for your support lovelies! It means the world to me!
Love love
Hello Sandwich

An imagined Hello Sandwich wedding and Rebecca Thuss

Anyone who knows me well will know that these images (above) are the inspiration for my wedding! Not that I am planning one at the moment! But if I was, Rebecca Thuss would be the first place I'd visit. So...all you bridezilla's out there - click away! An ex-Martha Stewart Weddings Style Director can't be wrong! Below are some gorgeous things Rebecca has created.

Doesn't it make you want to get married?